WELCOME TO Rock Cimbing Tools

On line utilities to make your rocky life more enjoyable

About us

We aim to provide over the coming weeks and months a whole variety of web applications designed for the active rock climber.
These will be aimed at the full range of web devices including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. These will conform to Responsive Web Design standards to ensure a high level of device compatibility.
The first application, crag finder, is a tool that allows you to search a database of around 20,000 climbing sectors to finds the ones nearest to you and to display them in google maps.
The second app Rate a Mate is a training app that helps identifies your climbing strengths and weaknesses, an app to translate route grades between various comparison systems, and a fully configurable topo creation framework.
Keep tuned for future apps.

Our Tools

Find a climb

Uses a database of 20,000 climbing sectors and 300,000 routes to help find a climb near to you.

Rate a Mate

Get your mates to help assess your climbing strengths and weaknesses

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