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The most effective way to improve at climbing is to target training effort at your weaknesses. However, most climbers are poor at identifying exactly what these are. This app provides a simple yet powerful tool that helps identify exactly what your main weaknesses (and strengths) really are by using input from those who probably know your climbing better than you do - your regular climbing buddies.

The way it works is that a set of 15 climbing attributes are listed. You can assign a personal rating of your own perceived relative competency for each rating - from 1 representing poor up to 10 representng excellent. Once you've recorded your own opinion on your performance for each attribute, you can then invite one or more climbing buddies to enter their assessments of your performance. This gives a good way of checking how accurate your own assessments of your relative strengths and weaknesses really are. An 'Analyse' button totals up the values entered by the various participants to come up with an aggregated assessment. The two attributes that are identifed as being your main strengths are highlighted in green. Thw two attributes that are identified as being your main weaknesses are highlighted in red - these are the areas of your climbing which would probably lead to the biggest gains if improved.

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